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Testimonials (cont)

I used NW Cryobank, I couldn't believe how easy it was to be able to choose a donor and have the product delivered directly to your home. I assumed there would be so much more involved in getting approved to even place an order. After 5 tries I conceived and was so astonished that it actually worked, I was having a baby. Don't give up. I wanted to every time I had a negative result, but I'm so glad I didn't. Emma is due on July 25th and we are very anxious to meet her.
 - Rebecca

Thank you so much. I am still in shock but so happy. I am so grateful to all of you and just when I was losing hope it happened. I did not give up and was not going to give up and after five cycles of trying it happened. Actually I feel I should share this and this may help others as well so if you want to post this feel free to. On the last cycle what I tried was feeling the position of which way my cervix was angled. When I did my insemination I laid on some pillows facing downward this time so that when the insemination took place the sperm had a better chance of getting through because of the way I was angled. I used two vials and timed them perfectly and it worked! Thank you again so much and I will definitely keep you updated!
 - Jen

In the attachment with this email you will find a picture of my son who was born using donor number XXX. I have written the information I would like to have published on the picture itself hoping to save some time! Thank you for your services. You have made my dreams of parenting come true. Especially with local service, a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds in your donors, and the care and compassion most of us with alternative lifestyles rarely find. I have another child with a different bank and I wasn't impressed with their 'bedside manner'. I hope to use your bank to give my two boys another little brother. Thank You SO very much!
 - The G Family

We inseminated once at home before we got pregnant. We gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I am in my late 30's and was nervous about the whole process. It was a very easy procedure and the staff at NW was very helpful. We are looking into having another very soon! Thank you to everyone there at NW you are the most helpful and informative around.
 - Christine

I wasn't sure if I wasn't too old to have have any more children. My new husband and I are grateful for the chance to try. My husband can't have any children, and going out in public for a donor was out of the question. You have given us a chance to be a family, and best of all, parents of our own child. We didn't think we had a snow ball's chance to adopt. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create our own family!
 - Beth

My partner and I couldn't thank you and the donor enough. Our dreams are finally coming true because of your facility. (Success after one home AI)
 - Rachael

After the third AI cycle through her doctor, she found success and wrote: "I'm very thankful for your services, many of the other sites were confusing and also very expensive. I would recommend your site to anyone interested. Thank you."
 - DJ

I am very pleased with the quality of service I received from Northweast Cryobank. The staff has been very supportive during the last few months. I am very happy to report that I am now expecting my first child, and would like to encourage others to use Northwest Cryobank.
 - Lindsay

I am writing to thank you for your service this month. While things were a bit rushed, everything came together and worked out in the end. We had our last IUI today and I have fabulous news to report to you about our specimens (from donor #6502). We had the specimens analyzed briefly before going forward with our IUI. The RE told us that there were such high numbers and such great motility that they were not even able to get an accurate reading for us. We were allowed to take a look at the drop that they used for the slide, and I am thrilled to say that the sperm were still very active and doing well even after 30-40 minutes of being on the slide exposed to air and light while we did the IUI. Thank you NW for providing superior specimens to us at a very affordable price. We will be in touch to report a pregnancy before too long!
 - Kandra

Glad to see that NW Cryo has been so successful. I recommend you every chance I get and I will be forever thankful for your service and affordability. Also, it is great that you will ship to a woman's home and that she can do home insemination on her own or with the help of her partner without a Dr. consent! I loved the service and if I could do it all over again I would! Georgie is now 20 months and she was conceived with #055. We tried many different donors but it was #055 that I kept coming back to. She has been real joy and so fun. She completed our family and we have 3 boys and 1 girl! Thanks Sam and Marina for all of your wonderful help! I have to say that as time goes by, I see more and more of her daddy in her. Since she sleeps with us still she must be picking up his characteristics in her sleep. She is funny too. Just like her daddy, and I am so glad that there are men in the world willing to share their lives with children conceived by donors and thankful that their are men willing to be donors. I also have to brag a bit more. She is actually trying to read. She recognizes many letters and tries to sound them out at 20 months!
 - Alexandria

You do not have to stay in that dark place void of any hope of being a mother. Step into the sunshine! We had been so devastated. We attempted to reverse my husband's vasectomy with no success. I even had problems of my own with poly cystic ovaries syndrome and did not ovulate regularly. It looked bleak at best. We began to research the idea of insemination by a sperm donor. We came to NW Cryo without a clue of how it all worked. The staff took us by the hand and answered every question, even the stupid ones. They guided us through all of paperwork and particulars without a problem. We found a good Dr. who gave me fertility meds. and ovulation sonograms. Between our Dr's. care in preparing and performing I.U.I. and NW Cryo's professionalism and sensitivity, we achieved pregnancy within three months of beginning! It was a pleasant experience all the way around. The I.U.I. procedure in the Dr's. office was even a time of laughter and hope, not cold and impersonal whatsoever. We encourage you to find a good Dr. (do not settle), and choose a donor with traits you would want in your child or that represent your mate. Your heart and your instincts will lead you to the right donor. It is all possible. Do not be afraid of anything except giving up.
 - Suzi M

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