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Shipping Dewar Information & Details

About Our Shipping Dewars

The dewars that we ship frozen sperm specimens in are called "dry" or "vapor" dewars. The box and the dewar should be kept upright at all times. The dewar is essentially an oversized thermos bottle with a vacuum between the inner and outer vessel walls to minimize thermal transfer. All of the loose liquid nitrogen is removed from the dewar prior to shipping, as shipping of liquid nitrogen that could spill would make it a hazard. The interior of the dewar has an absorbent material that holds enough nitrogen coolant to keep the interior frozen for a maximum of 21 days under ideal conditions. In general, these dewars will provide adequate cooling to hold the specimens frozen for up to 12-14 days after we ship them out. All of our dewars are fully charged with nitrogen prior to use. We guarantee** the dewar to hold temperature for 7 days after your shipment is delivered to you.

Shipping Dewar Deposit

The dewars that we ship specimens with are expensive, and we take every precaution not to lose them. In the event the shipping dewar is not returned to NW Cryobank, $1000 will be charged to your credit card for replacement.

Dewar deposits are required for all international shipping requests. This deposit is fully refunded upon your request once you have completed placing orders with us and have returned the equipment in good condition. Deposits are refunded to you in the form of a refund to your credit card used for payment initially.

Shipment Delivery

Sperm shipments come in a box that protects the dewar during shipping. The box is approximately 11 in. square by 25 in. tall and weighs about 24 pounds. It has handle holes on opposite sides towards the top side of the dewar and box.

Turning the dewar on it's side or upside down will cause the dewar to loose coolant faster and may jeopardize your specimens. Always keep the dewar upright.

Using a razor knife, box cutter or other sharp knife, cut through the cellophane wrapping tape at the top end of the box. Do not cut the cardboard as the same box is used for return shipping. Once the tape is cut, you can open the top box flaps. You will find an envelope immediately on top of everything that will contain instructions and your invoice. Take a few minutes to read through the instructions before continuing. Once you have completed reading the instructions, you can lift the corrugated top where it says "lift here". (Be sure to keep this lid for return shipping. If you fail to return the top you will be billed for its replacement and risk damage to the dewar during it's return travel.) Removing the lid will reveal the top side of the dewar.

Once the top packaging lid (corrugated flap/foam assembly) is removed, you will see the top of the dewar. The dewar does not need to be removed from the shipping box for you to access everything you need. Do not remove the dewar unless needed for some reason, such as accidently dropping something into the box. In this case, use the stainless steel handle to lift the dewar straight up out of the box. You will note a plastic wire tie on one side of the dewar lid. This locks the lid to the dewar and must be cut to allow removal of the dewar lid. The dewar lid lifts straight up. Do not twist the dewar lid or you could damage the insulator on the bottom side.

Once the lid of the dewar has been removed, you can see the handle of the can sitting in a slot of the rim of the dewar. Lift this handle straight up until the top of the cannister reaches the top of the dewar rim. At this point, you will see the top of the aluminum cane sitting loosely inside the cannister. The cane holds the specimen vial by friction. Lift the cane to observe the vial/specimen which is held on the cane. You will want to verify both the quantity and ID number of the specimens shipped to that shown on your invoice, which should reflect you order. Replace the cane and can back into the dewar and replace the dewar lid immediately after completing checking or removal of vials for use.

Return Shipping

When preparing the dewar for return to the lab, make sure that you have installed a new plastic tie (provided) on the dewar lid and that you check to make sure that the cardboard and foam top piece is replaced into the shipping box. Tape the box shut and the dewar is ready for return.

** Dewar guarantee: In the event of the loss or destruction of commercial donor sperm specimens provided through NW Cryobank due to the failure of our shipping dewar to provide at least seven days worth of coolant, (unless caused by the mishandling of the dewar by the client), NW Cryobank will accomodate the client's loss by making every reasonable effort to provide the client with like or similar donor specimens if available, or by refund of monies paid by client for vials lost (must be returned to NW Cryobank at original volume) plus shipping charges only.

Photos of Shipping Dewars